Видео: Gerber Gator JR Machete Review, Plus Buck 110 Knife!!! (At the end)

Gerber gator Jr review

Gerber gator Jr review. Sawing, chopping, battoning and feather sticking. link--https://amzn.to/2Cj0M5c.

Gerber Gator 15" Razorback Machete: Soft Sad Steel

https://www.patreon.com/mpk1414 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mpk1414 Instagram: https://instagram.com/mpk1414/ ...

Gerber Machete Gator Jr GE31 000759

Gerber Machete Gator Jr. GE31-000759 https://amzn.to/2ISxI6x Meine erste #Machete, eine tolle günstige Machete. Warum nur 3 ...

gerber gator machete jr | frost bite

In this video I will be reviewing the gerber gator machete junior.in this video I will be telling you what I think about this machete so ...

Field Gear Friday - Gerber Gator Jr. Machete

Here is our review of of the Gerber Gator Jr machete. We used it, we reviewed it, and now we share our thoughts about it with you ...

Gerber Golok Machete Demonstration & Review | Terrific design for scrub clearing!

Today Luc from Tentworld Midland in Perth Western Australia gives us a close look at the Gerber Golok Machete and demonstrates ...

Gerber Gator Jr. cut test #1.

2 cans-easy but needs further sharpening.

Cheap Machete Review ($4)

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Gerber Gator Premium - Show for Scale Overview

Gerber Gator Premium: http://www.heinnie.com/gerber-gator-premium Part Number: G1083.

Cold Steel machete and scorpions

Another day at the dear lease, nothing but more work in the Texas heat, machete works great!

Gerber Gator Machete Jr. FAILS!!!

Soon after beginning the harvest of a tree I picked for a bow craft series, my Gerber Gator Machete Jr. fails on me! Less than a half ...

Gerber Machete

A tad bit pricey but it's not a bad machete overall.

Harbor Freight Machete Review and Demonstration. Perfect for bug out or bushcraft?

Bob takes a look at the Harbor Freight 18" Serrated, Stainless Steel Machete that you see in all of their sales fliers. The regular ...

Best Golok Machete of 2020

Best Golok Machete Review & Price Visit: https://bestmachete.co/best-golok-machete/ Best Machetes Present Best Golok Machete ...

Dad's Knife / Chicago Cutlery Buck 110 knock-off review

Welcome to my inaugural video. I wanted to do this in remembrance of my father. I miss him and still feel a connection to him ...

Gerber Versafix Unboxing Review

Gerber Versafix Unboxing Review.

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